September 23, 2011


-Modern Family is the greatest show on TV. I literally LOL, and it takes a lot for me to do that. I haven't LOLed at a show since Friends and King of Queens. Feels good.

-making bottles is the most annoying process on the planet. Your hands get wet and then you have to scoop out the formula with your wet hands which makes the formula turn into a clay-like substance, then wait for it in the microwave, while your baby is screaming her head off for you to hurry the freak up.

-pedicures might be the best invention in the world. There is nothing like getting a pedi, drinkin a DC and reading up on the latest gossip.

-i work with mostly men, and the more i am around them, the more i realize that most men CANNOT mulit-task and are not organized. Why do you think most business men hire woman secretaries?? But I will say this, I would WAY rather work with a bunch of men than women. They are easy peasy lemon squeezy.

-the iphone is the second greatest invention. what in the world did we do without the internet? Remember when we would use the encyclopedias for everything? haha gooodddd timesss.

-my hair is falling out by the handfuls and it gets greasy faster. does this usually happen after pregnancy? i feel like a golden retriever.

-i still can't believe i am a mom and i have a 5 month old. i feel like i have just been babysitting for a really long time.

-i start working part time on Oct 3rd as a personal assistant and i couldn't be more excited.

-people's facebook status' kill me. for example, "i got "fox" on the What is your animal soul quiz! what's yours?" REAALLLYYY???

-it's the freakin weekend baby imma bout to have me some fuunnnnn!!!!

And what's a post without my favorite little buddy in the world..

That smile kills me

Isn't that nightgown hilarious? I laugh everytime I put it on her.



  1. You are nuts and I can't believe I am about to be a mom too!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you!

  2. I literally LOLed at this post. I miss you! And totes second ALL of those points. Mod Fam, pedis, and a little DC all the way! Got to love postpartum, phase one. . . golden retriever hair loss and a bread dough tum. Phase two. . . baby hairs that look like REALLY short bangs, or a man with pattern baldness and a severe widows peak, plus no boobs or junk in the trunk. Gotta love it!