September 3, 2011

Sick baby

My poor little girl has been so sick this past week. She started a fever on Monday, so we gave her some tylenol and kept her cool to help keep her temperature down. By Tuesday her temperature got up to 102, she had diarrhea everyday, so we took her to the doctor. The doctor said to up the tylenol dose and to just keep her cool, but if she still has a fever by Thursday then to bring her in again for some testing. Her fever was still not down by Thursday so off to the doctor we went. They had to draw her blood in her poor little arm and do a urine test. They prescribed her with amoxicillin and we took her home. The doctor wanted us to come back again on Friday to see how she was doing and to give us the results of her blood and urine tests. We gave her the amoxicillin that night and she was already feeling so much better! We took her to the doctor on Friday and the doctor said her urine test came back positive and that she has a urinary tract infection!! Poor thing!! Then they had to draw her blood AGAIN because the dumb nurse didn't order it the first time. Worst thing ever. They stuck her in one arm and they were seriously poking around at her arm for at least 5 minutes until they realized that the stupid tube had clotted! So they had to poke her already bruised arm from the time before to get more blood! I was so furious and she was screaming bloody murder the whole time! I seriously was getting teary eyed. Then after that they had to give her another antibiotic shot in her leg! This poor girl had been through the ringer!! But, I'm so glad she is feeling much better now. She is on a different medication because of her UTI. She still isn't 100%, but is doing a lot better. I hate to see her in pain! Worst thing in the world! But I am beyond grateful that my mother in law has been here for the past week to take good care of her while I've been at work and Jon has been in school. I don't know what I would do without her! Thank you sooooo much Ellen!!!!

My poor sick baby!!

And here she is at Red Robin last night feeling a lot better! All hopped up on meds...

And here is a little video of her just jibber jabbin away...

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  1. It makes me so sad that she has been sick!! Glad she is feeling better. I prob would have cried if I saw them doing that to my babe. Poor little pumpkin bum.