October 25, 2010

Reallyyy Fun Stuff About Pregnancy

I have had serious cravings for McDonalds Sausage Biscuit. I know healthy right? I get so mad every Saturday morning if we've slept past 10:00 because I missed breakfast at McDonalds. This morning I woke up to snow, yes freaking snow and I was furious. So I decided to treat myself to a sausage biscuit and a large diet coke before work. And let me tell you, it has made my morning ten times better so far.

Also, I crave chips and salsa. I could eat them all day. We went to a mexican restaurant this weekend called the Red Iguana, and I consumed probably 3 baskets of chips and two bowls of salsa.

I don't crave anything sweet. All salty.

I want to take baths 24/7.

I only get sick at night.

I am 15 weeks along and I'm still sick at night. Its like clockwork. Every night around 8:00 I start feeling it. It needs to stop immediately.

I get extremely snappy and grumpy when I'm sick. I don't want anyone to touch me or talk to me. I always feel so bad for Jon. Bless his heart.

I have only thrown up once. It was at work, in my trash can. 5 times in a row. (i'm sure you all wanted to know that)

I think, crave, and dream about Port of Subs non stop. I don't think this is a pregnancy thing, but it has definitely gotten worse since I've been pregnant. It's a good thing they are opening up one here in Salt Lake, or someone might die (and that someone will most likely be Jon. Or he might kill me).

I get more zits. And they all love to reside on my chin. It's really cute.

I am more homesick. I crave my family and Las Vegas everyday. I have thought of every way possible on how we could move to Vegas. None of them work. And then I get more homesick and think my life is coming to an end. Talk about dramatic.

My sense of smell is ridiculous. I am a bloodhound. I can smell ev-er-y-thing. It drives Jon nuts. Morning breath makes me want to hurl (not like it didn't before, but its like someone stuck my nose in a porta potty). My prenatal vitamins make me gag and I make Jon open the bottle everytime or I will literally gag. The bathroom where I work has the worst smell. Its like a weird soapy smell and I hold my breath or breathe out of my mouth everytime I go in. I hate opening/closing the fridge.

Besides all that fun stuff, I really have not had a bad pregnancy at all, and I'm so excited to meet our little babe!

October 21, 2010

My life is gonna change real soon....

......for the better. A lot of you probably already know, but I am PREGNANT! It is still not real to me yet. I can't believe I have someone growing inside me. It truly is a miracle. And I cannot wait to meet this little person in exactly 26 weeks! He/she will arrive on April 19th. Jon and I both have feeling its a boy, but we will find out for sure next month. Can't wait! We will keep you updated!

Our little Sour Patch Kid. 9 weeks.

Kenzi's Bridal Shower

This past weekend I was in Vegas for Kenzi's bridal shower. We had it at my mom and dad's house and it was school teacher themed because Kenzi is a Kindergarten teacher. The decorations, food, games, etc were so cute. It might have been the cutest bridal shower I have ever been to. Of course, there was a song and a dance performed by the one and only me, Whitnee, JayCee, Sloan and Shea. We sang and danced to the Jackson 5 ABC's to go along with her themed party. It was absolutely hilarious. We all dressed up like different kinds of teachers. Shea was the sexy teacher, Sloan was the P.E. teacher, I was the dorky 2nd grade teacher, JayCee was an old lady teacher, and Whit was a music teacher. It was freakin funny and I think Kenzi throughly enjoyed it. Kenzi had a great turn out and it was so fun to see everyone. Here are a few pics. Enjoy yourself.

This pic tops all the other pics.

The women who made this party happen. Are they not the best looking ladies you have ever seen??


The girls

All the girls that attended BYUI. GO VIKINGS!!!