January 26, 2012

9 months

9 months?!?!? This has been such a fun/stressful month. She has now learned to get into everything and crawls super fast, you never know where she will be. She now likes to explore our entire apartment and goes in room to room. Mainly whichever room I'm in. She is like my little shadow. Her favorite place to be is under the kitchen table or watching the clothes goes round and round in the washing machine. She stands up on her own all the time, but hasn't quite figured out what to do with her feet. She loves picking up everything with her pointer finger. I think she's going to be a lefty. She does everything with her left hand/pointer finger. I try to have her use her right hand, and when she does she always switches whatever is in her hand to her left to eat/chew/naw on. She has two teefers on the bottom and it doesn't look like any others are trying to cut through yet. She loves taking her little pointer finger and touching my mole. She thinks its facinating. I however do not. She tried to eat it the other night. So, if I ever get it removed I won't have to go to a doctor, Londyn will just naw it off for me. Aren't children wonderful?

She loves when Jon and I toss her back and forth to each other. She thinks its so funny. One night, Jon and I were seeing if we could jump up and touch our heads to the ceiling (we live in a basement apartment so our ceilings are low). It was my turn to try, so I handed Londyn to Jon. As soon as I jumped up and tried with all my might, she started dying laughing. Seriously, she was giggling up a storm. I was slightly offended. I just got laughed at by a 9 month old. In her defense, I probably did look half retarded.

9 month stats:

Weight: 20 lbs (84%)
Height: 28.5 in (84%)
Head: can't remember (91%)

Happy 9 months to the prettiest girl I have ever laid eyes on! I love you so much Londy Pundy!!

January 12, 2012


I have never been good at keeping resolutions and usually mine are always the same...

1) lose weight
2) pray and read scripts everyday

But this year, I only have one resolution. It is to actually try and look like a decent human being. Seriously, I rarely wear my hair down anymore and it's always up in a bun. And I understand that buns are totally in right now, which rocks, but Jon LOATHES them. He said I remind him of his elementary school lunch lady. When he introduces me to people, he tells them I serve lunch to small children for a living (jj-->just joshin..how rude/funny would that be though?)So my goal is to wake up a little earlier, wash my hair, blow dry it, straighten it and actually look like I put somewhat of an effort in my appearence. Oh, and not do my make up in the car and pick out my outfit the night before. This is going to be rough.

It's freaking hard to be a girl. Don't even get me started on all our bodily functions that girls go through. It ain't even right.

So here's to not looking like the lady that hands your child their school lunch!


P.S. I'll post pics of my transformation soon! JJ...i would neverrr

January 2, 2012

Christmas & NYE

Christmas: Tehachapi, CA
Movies, eating, chatting, card games, minute to win it, potato guns, dirt bikes, presents, nativity play, Buck Owen's Crystal Palace, Anderson family, talking to Ryan on Christmas in Guatemala, shopping, and lots of fun!

NYE: Henderson, NV
Shopping, eating, prime rib dinner at Grandma's, family, lots of noise and fun!