May 25, 2010

The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette is one of the best shows on TV (and I don't care if you think I'm weird for saying that). It is absolutely hilarious and so dramatic to watch. Jon will never admit it, but he secretly loves watching it too. I do wish I had some girls to watch it with because they would totally understand my commentary that I have for the guys throughout the show. The first episode was on last night and it was just as dramatic as I was hoping for it to be. Ali looked like da bomb, and she giggles way too much. But she's tight. I would be the WORST bachelorette ever. I would not be able to take myself seriously and I would laugh at everything any guy said that was in the least bit awkward or dramatic. If you watched it last night, you will know what I'm talking about when I say that "Shooter" was completely out of line, and that story was inappropriate and weird to say (no wonder he got the boot), there are WAY too many guys named Chris on the show, Craig with the hideous swoop hair drives me nuts and is so mean, Frank tries way too hard to be cool, and Jonathan The Weatherman needs to lay low on his jokes for awhile. Roberto, Jesse, and the one guy from Cape Cod whose mom died(forgot his name) are my favs so far. They could turn out being huge losers or dramatic babies. We will have to see...can't wait for next Monday!

May 17, 2010


So Jon completely caught me in my ZONE. My DC + laptop + Snuggie + Doritos = Heaven on Earth. He thought this picture was absolutely hilarious and depicted me perfectly. How sad is that!?!? He got one low maintenance wife! I guess that's a good thing, right?

I am so lady like with my legs in a complete spread eagle.

The cutest wife you will ever see haha

One Month

Today is our one month anniversary and it sure has been a good one. In our first month of marriage we have:
- moved into our apartment
- decorated our apartment to get it to look as cute as it possibly can
- gone to our new ward, which is full of either barely deads or newlyweds (the very old man we sat next to at church yesterday, snored so loud and grinded his teeth so hard that I thought his dentures were going to break)
- had our neighbor across the street die (i guess we brought with us a little bad luck to the hood, or maybe she was just really old)
- baked for the first time in our kitchen (it was a disaster, which makes it a little scary for me to actually cook a meal for the first time, still haven't. I'm such a good wife)
- had a gas leak in our apartment from the oven that I tried to cook with
- watched many Laker games
- big cleaned our entire apartment
- had an eye infection for 5 days
- had the flu
- started new jobs
- made many runs to McDonalds, Taco Bell, and IKEA
- and last but surely not least...ENJOYED EVERY MIN TOGETHER.
It's been such a great first month, HOPEFULLY the next few months will be as good as the first.

May 11, 2010

blonde moment

So i know you all are thinking this blonde moment is about me (which is understandable) but its not. It's from my usually-very- common-sense-smart husband. After work we both turned on the TV to watch the news, and he dead serious says, "what channel is the channel 13 news on?" I looked at him like he was kidding and was so happy that the question did not come from me.

May 4, 2010


April 27th was my birthday and I turned 23! 23 sounds so much older to me than 22. Jon and I went to The Cheesecake Factory for my bday dinner and then to Walmart. My two favorite things to do. Wally World is so interesting, and no matter where you live, you will ALWAYS see the most white trash people. They love it, and so do i. The next night, I went to Texas Roadhouse for my 2nd birthday dinner. All the women in my family were up in Utah for Women's Conference, so it was fun to celebrate with them as well!

Jon got me roses and my favorite treats

It may look like all Jon wears is his Laker's jersey, but its the playoffs and he insists on wearing it every time they play.

The Humble Abode

For the past 2 weeks, we have been trying to get our little apartment set up. Its been quite the project. It is just now coming together. We bought all our furniture from IKEA and I have become OBSESSED with this store. I could spend hours and hours in it. Jon, on the other hand, wanted to slit his wrists. Our apartment is soo small, but its just perfect for right now and we got it for a steal of a deal. We still need to get all the decorations, but here is just a little preview of our humble abode SO FAR.

We live in the BASEMENT of this little home. We live below a very little man (literally 5 feet nothin). I need to get a picture with him. His name is Andy. We also have the pleasure of living around all the old people that reside in Salt Lake. You might of thought that we lived in a Retirement Center.

Jon and I in front of our very old door that barely works

Jon pointing down to our apartment. Obviously.

Pointing to our special mailbox. (Don't mind the hideous bob on the top of my head)

Our cute little kitchen w/ no dishwasher


After! (and i just realized that my bedspread is the exact same print as my blog background. Great minds think alike issers! Sillies bo billies!!)

Just loving that we are half way done with the apartment