September 26, 2011

5 months

Happy 5 months to my favorite girl in the whole world!

-she smiles and giggles at strangers every where we go. People at church love her!
-she is very close from sitting up by herself.
-she has started eating rice cereal and loves it!
-she's still sleeping through the night like a good girl.
-she is very active and hates to sit.
-LOVES TV, phones and the computer. If they are in sight she cannot take her eyes off them.
-she is obsessed with the chandelier that's hanging in her bedroom. she is absolutely facinated by it and loves to run her fingers through it.
-this is such a fun stage. she is so fun to observe and watch her learn new things everday. i love how she recognizes us and how much more interactive she is.
-she has the best eyebrows and eyelashes. she gets complimented on them on a regular basis.
-she LOVES to look at herself in the mirror.
-she has the chubbiest cheeks and i could kiss them all day long (and i do.)
-she eats every 3-3 1/2 hours and chugs down 8 oz every feeding.

Good Morning!

Doll baby

And the hottest and best dad/husband in the world!


  1. i freaking love little baby londy...she is seriously such a pretty baby! i love when you upload pics of you guys and i love at every little comment you are hilarious! :)

  2. I love her smile!!! I miss you guys and can't wait to see you in less than a week! Londy needs to meet her cousin!

  3. She is honestly SO ADORABLE! We need to get together again before we move.