August 29, 2011

August Update

This past weekend we went to Vegas for my twin sister's baby shower. She will be having a baby boy very very soon! The shower was wonderful with great food and people!

While I was in Vegas I got a wee bit of a hair is just a little preview of how much I cut off. I will post a pic of the final product soon!

Londyn is a spaz. She is the most intense, stiff child you have ever seen. My mom thinks she needs Ritalin :) She will not bend her legs and hates to sit down. I tell her to relax on a hourly basis. It's hilarious. She rolls over all the time. I have to post a video of her and her stiffness. Jon's mom bought her a Jonny Jumper because she hates sitting and wants to be in the standing position always. I wouldn't be surprised if she started crawling in a month and walking within two. She literally thinks she's a toddler. But, she was pretty much a 2 month old when she was born, so it's understandable. Here is a pic of her in her Bumbo. But don't let her fool you, she hates it.

She was 4 months on the 26th!! My little baby is growing like a weed! She babbles all day. Loves to put everything in her mouth and grabs for things now. Her lips and nose is the cutest thing on earth. I could eat them for dinner. If you pucker your lips like you are going to give her a kiss, she leans towards you with her slobbery mouth wide open. Can't get enough of this lil gal. Her cheesy, toothless grin makes me giggle EVERY time. UHHHHHHH I'M MILDLY OBSESSED WITH HER!!! (in a very healthy way of course)

August 8, 2011


Off to the Gateway! Alwayz rememberz toz wearz yourz seatbeltzzz!!

The car that I surprised Jon with..."Drembig" thats my motto.

Happy as a clam

Hot tubbin...and I have a five head.

Off to eat some din din!

This past weekend we went on a little staycation at the Zermatt Resort in Midway. It was so pretty there and it resembled a little Swiss town. We started our day out shopping at the Gateway, lunch and getting a d to the vine cookie from what used to be called Ben's Cookies but I have no idea what it's called now. Then we headed up to Park City and visited Jon's bro who works at the Nike outlet and did some shopping. I got me some extremely cute black wide leg jeans from Old Navy that I have been wanting for forever!! Then we drove our little selves to Midway where we relaxed, swam, hot tubbed it up, had dinner on a golf course, ate gelato and watched 17 Again in our hotel room. It was seriously a dream and I didn't want to leave!!

And here are just a couple random pics. Just me, Jon and little Londy Lou, the happiest little family there ever was!

Keeses for my beebes...she hates me in this pic...and why does it look like I'm partially balding?

I feel like I have been in wayyy too many pics in this post.

Little baby on a big couch

Drooly Julie


August 4, 2011

Just because...

Just because I am in love with this child, I am going to post more pics of her. I'm a little biased but could she be any prettier?!?! Fo real.

Is this not the cutest?? She only smiles like this with him. No joke.

I love her little body.

She loves her vibrating chair. She is watching HP in this pic. She loves Ron.

This little face makes me the happiest person in the world. I am so grateful to be a mother!

August 1, 2011

3 months

My sweet darling was 3 months on the 26th! She just keeps getting more and more fun! I took a few pics of her yesterday and she hated every second. She WOULD NOT look at the camera, and the couple times she did she gave a confused look/flared nose. Whateves, she's still freakin cute. And my friends Alyssa & Brady gave her the bib and those socks! Soooo cute!

At 3 months Londyn is:
-talking up a storm. She babbles all day long.
-has THE CUTEST smile in the world. I laugh everytime she grins.
-wants us to stand her up all the time. She hates sitting.
-LOVES TV! She loves Veggie Tales & Harry Potter. Last night Jon & I were watching HP and she could not take her eyes of the screen. We just snuggled and watched HP together. It was great.
-Toots all the time (great quality, boys will love her.)
-Loves when I dip her binki in Diet Coke. Doi.
-Sleeps 10-11 hours a night.
-Loves Sno Cones.
-Can almost roll over from her stomach to her back.
-Hates her car seat.
-She is SO EASY to put to sleep and take naps.
-Can hold on to toys I give her and suck on them.
-Loves to rub her nose/face in blankets.
-Slobbers non stop.
-Puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.
-Is not chubby at all. She has such long, lean legs.
-Loves people watching.
-Loves taking baths/showers.