April 24, 2011


and waiting. Still here with no baby!!! I'm getting induced on tuesday, but hopefully she comes tonight or tomorrow. This has been the longest week of my entire life. Thank goodness my mom has been here and we have gotten a TON of things done! I love her and am soooo grateful for her. She's seriously the best. Wish me luck! Oh, and Happy Easter!!!

April 19, 2011

Anniversary and the Babe

Sunday the 17th was our one year Anniversary, but we celebrated it on Saturday. We ran errands all day getting the last minute things we needed for the babe's room and we walked and walked like no one's biz. Since the baby was due on the 17th as well, we made sure that we had everything done before then. That night, we went out to dinner to Chili's and saw the movie Source Code. It was a really good night and we were just so anxious to see if anything with the baby was going to happen the next day. Especially since I had been feeling little contractions throughout the day. I woke up on Sunday morning and I realized that my mucus plug had come out (seriously so gross and is exactly what it sounds like). So I call my mom and tell her and she told me that after that happened to her, my brother was born within 24 hours. My sister in law told me the same thing happened to her, and my sister told me that her mother in law had both her children within 24 hours after that happened to her....so I was feeling really good at this point. After church, we walked like 2 miles and I started feeling little contractions, but nothing consistent and they didn't really hurt. Just felt like period cramps. I was getting so excited and thought tonight is going to be the night...Nope!

Monday morning I had another doctor's appt at 9am. She tells me that I'm about 2 cm dilated now that the progress is good. She strips my membranes AGAIN and I ask her if the baby doesn't come soon, can I be induced on friday since my mom will already be in town and my dad is coming up that weekend and the whole rest of my family is coming up on the 27th. She says no and that she will not induce until next tuesday the 26th! My mom came up yesterday and I was so happy to see her. She keeps telling me that my baby is going to come sometime this week and that I don't need to worry about it. Even though its quite possible she won't come until I'm induced, I still need those words of encouragement!!!


April 10, 2011

39 weeks & Ginormous

I am due exactly one week from today and couldn't be more excited....here is me about to explode. Not a pretty sight.

April 5, 2011

Baby Update: 38 Weeks

Sooo last week at my doc appointment I was told that I wasn't dilated at all, but she could see that my cervix was thinning. So disappointing and annoying, but for the next week, I made a conscious effort to walk a lot, use the stairs instead of the elevator at work, and all the other stuff they tell you to do to get this baby outta you! So today I had my doc appointment and I was so excited because I thought for sure I would be dilated at least a little....NADA! NOTHING! She did another ultrasound on me to check if the babes head was down because I wasn't dilated at all. Her head is down and in perfect position which is good, but she seriously needs to stop being stubborn and be obedient! She needs to boot, scoot and boogy right on out. When I left the doc's office, I seriously wanted to cry. I just know I'm going to be late, which I seriously can't handle. 2 weeks already seems like an ETERNITYYYYYYYY. I did ask my doc if she can strip my membranes at my next appointment on the 14th and she said yes, but your cervix does have to be open in order for me to do that. So in other words it most likely won't which is sooooooo cooooollllll and I'll be carrying this baby FORREEEVVVERRRRR. I'm seriously being dramatic, but I don't care because I can be.

Anywayzzzzz....I will post a pic of my huge self later on this week when I actually look half way decent and my hair isn't up in a lesbian bun (which it is literally everyday).

Oh, and I just got off the phone with Jon and he was talking in a baby voice and goes, "Guess where I am?" "Where?" "In Londyn's room..." "Oh really, that's so cool, hun." "Yes, and I'm in her crib taking a nap." I started dying laughing. Seriously, imagine a grown man napping in a babies crib. Hilarious.