November 30, 2010


I am 20 weeks along now!! Half way there!! I can't beleive it. This little gal will be out of my womb shortly and I can't wait to squeeze her little bum off.

Jon's family came in town for Thanksgiving. We partied like it was 1999. We ate, relaxed, chatted up a storm, shopped, and loved every minute of it. Seriously I have some of the best in-laws. LOVE THEM.

Jon and his brother Ryan woke up at 3:00 in the morning to stand in line at Target. I opted to stay warm and cozy in my bed. I had little faith in these two thinking that they wouldn't come home with the TV that Jon wanted, but I was sure wrong. Their sneaky little selves raced up to the front of the line and snatched one of the last TV's that was left. Nice job boys. You made mama proud. We got a 40 inch flat screen HD tv for a whopping $300!!!

We have had sooooooo much snow its unreal. I have never seen so much in my life. It took me 20 min to get out of my neighborhood to get to work the other morning. I was driving my aunt's 4 runner and thought I had it in 4 wheel drive, but I didn't of course. I'm sure the two sweet men that helped me up the hill thought I was retarded.

I have become so much more hungry these past couple weeks and I'm afraid it's just going to get worse. I could eat the house down and my neighbors house. None of my pants fit anymore. I feel as big as an ox.

I felt my little sweetheart kick for the first time yesterday!(and I'm not talking about Jon) It is such a cool/weird feeling. It almost made me cry. So dramatic I know. I'm the type of person that would roll my eyes at girls who cry at things like that. Pregnancy does weird crap to your hormones.

Christmas break is coming soooooo soon I can hardly stand it! 2.5 more weeks until we fly to Vegas for Kenzi's wedding and spend Christmas with my family. I freakin love this time of year. It truly is the most WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!! I can't wait to watch It's A Wonderful Life and all the Hallmark Channel christmas movies and bust out my zebra snuggie and snuggle up to my bugga schmoo and eat the house down with a big glass of DC. So beyond stoked.

And last but not least, I like to give a shout out to my numba one BG Jennifer Renae Kirk Tuttle. It's her birthday today and she is turning the big 2-2!! She is seriously one of my besties and the most hilarious person on earth. I love her soooo much and can't wait to bond like no one's biz in a couple weeks. Hot tub, cinny bears, DC, port, enzo's get in my preggo belly immediately!!! You rock the mother freakin hizzzouse dizzzown gurlllll.

Oldie but a Goodie

November 15, 2010

Drum roll please.......

I am still so shocked at the news...we are having a GIRL!!! This entire time we have been dead set on it being a boy. I don't really know why, but we for sure thought it was a boy. Probably because Jon comes from a family of mostly boys. I am beyond beyond beyond thrilled to have a little girl! I can't wait to meet this/our little creation. Jon is still convinced it is a boy, even though the doctor did point out the 3 little lines which determined it was a girl. I think he is still in shock. We both are actually.

I am so excited to be a mother and meet this little gift from God. It sounds so cliche and I am sure a lot of you moms and soon-to-be mothers feel the same way, but I have always wanted to be a mom. I have never been the career woman type or ever wanted to do anything else but be a stay at home mom. Hence the reason I got pregnant so dang fast! I just couldn't wait! This has been my dream and I am so glad that it's become my reality. I cannot wait to hold this little part of me. I can't wait to be called "mom." It will be the greatest gift and blessing that I will ever receive. It truly is a miracle, and I loved watching her move all around on the ultrasound screen. I could have stayed there for hours. I already love her so so so much. I can't wait to have a little girlfriend. She is numba one BG (baby gurl).

November 7, 2010

All Hallows Eve

This year for Halloween, my cousin Shalee had a Halloween party. We went as really cool pigs. After I put my costume on, Jon goes "please don't ever get fat." I didn't know what he was talking about because I thought I looked really pretty.

Here is Jon lookin HAWT.

Carving pumpkins

I'm not sure why I'm laughing or why I'm sitting like that.

The finished product. Jon carved a pumpkin throwing up and I carved a cool A for Anderson.