August 25, 2010

Vegas & California

This last week Jon and I went to Vegas and California. We both took a week off of work and it was the best thing we've ever done. We got to Vegas late friday night and early the next morning Jon left for California to see his fam and I went to lake mead with my parents and the Villamor fam. It was such a great weekend in Vegas with everyone. Monday morning I drove up with Jon's sister to California. We spent 4 days there with Jon's family. It was so fun to see them. On friday we headed back to Vegas for the weekend. This was a very much needed vacay and I hate coming back to reality schmeality.

Jon and his two bros

Totes chillaxin with Jenny (Jon's sister)

Manhattan beach

Looking for seashells

Dason made me a sand wall

Just chatting with my new friend I met at the beach...Patrick.

VENICE BEACH! by far the strangest people in the world reside here

This girl/boy was so serious about her/his dancing

Jon tried to be really artsy with this photo

Jon's bro Ryan

Ryan really wanted to take a car pic

We love our car pics...and always remember to wear your seat belts!

Eating din din with the Anderson fam

August 10, 2010

midvale is where its at....

I will have to admit that I have grown a special place in my heart for the good old city of Midvale. We do live around some very special (and by special I mean old and ghetto) people, but that makes things a lot more interesting. Midvale had a big celebration for their city at the park right next to our house. They had the "Beatles" perform, funnel cakes, cotton candy, and all the fried food you could think of. One thing I do love about Utah is that everyone here always so proud of where they live and it seems as though they always have some reason to have a parade. I have never seen so many parades in my life. We also had a block party this past week. Who still has block parties??? We didn't attend this party, but now I'm kinda wishing we did. I feel as though I need to get more into the Midvale spirit. Here are just a few facts about this city that the Andersons reside in:

1. Midvale has a population of 27,029 people.
2. There are 82.44% White, 1.18% African American, 1.29% Native American, 1.85% Asian, 0.58% Pacific Islander, 9.96% from other races, and 2.71% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 20.77% of the population.
3. The median income for a household in the city was $40,130, and the median income for a family was $43,322.
4. 25.8% under the age of 18, 16.7% from 18 to 24, 31.8% from 25 to 44, 16.6% from 45 to 64, and 9.0% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 28 years. (I was actually suprised by this one, I thought they were a lot more old people, maybe its just our street that has the 9.0%)
5. Midvale City began as a center of mining and industry. Pioneer families began arriving in 1851 to start the settlement, which blossomed in the 1870s as a result of mining in Bingham Canyon and the coming of the railroad.

This weekend was a total chill weekend. We ate, slept, hit up the gym, ran errands and watched kind of weekend.

Heading to Outback to enjoy their delicious bleu cheese wedge salad, steak, and garlic mashed potatoes. Mmmmmm get in my belly immediately.

Boi u b so hawt