March 24, 2011

Soooo Close!

I'm coming near the end of my pregnancy and I couldn't be more excited. I can't wait to meet this little girl that has been inside me for wayyy too long. Even though I do love a good bum shoved up in my ribs for hours at a time, I can't wait to get her outta here!

We just got back from Vegas this past weekend where we had my baby shower. Everything turned out so good and I got so many gifts it was unreal. Londyn has more clothes and shoes than Jon and I combined. She is seriously set for the next 3 years of her life. My mom, sisters, sister n law, aunts, and grandma made amazing food and the decorations were so cute. I couldn't have asked for a better party. I was so blessed to have my mother in law come from California to be there. She made so many cute things for her and bought her an abundance of clothes, shoes, etc. I have the greatest mother in law in the world. It's amazing the amount work, sweat and money you put into for this little human to arrive. She is one lucky gal!

We are almost done with the nursery and I can't wait to post pictures. Jon has helped so much with the painting, sanding, organizing, etc. He is so excited about everything. He honestly is going to be the greatest dad in the world. Londyn is going to have him wrapped around her little chubby finger. We always talk about what she is going to look like and her personality. It's hilarious when Jon imitates what he thinks her voice is going to sound like. He can't wait to take her to Costco because he knows she will be just as obsessed with it as he is. Next time you see Jon, please ask him to say "Costco" in his Londyn voice. It's hilarious. It's a good thing he rarely reads my blog, or I might not have a head.

Things I will miss about being pregnant:
1. Feeling her kick and move.
2. Having people do things for me all the time, and most of the time I never even ask they just do it. (seriously you don't have to lift a finger when you are pregnant. Everyone just assumes you are so helpless. It's great)
3. Having an excuse to not go somewhere I don't want to (of course I haven't lied to anyone who is reading this right now...duh.)
4. Eating whatever I want whenever I want.
5. People holding doors and elevators open for you even when you are literally a half mile away. That can sometimes be awkward because then you realize what they are doing and so you try to walk fast or maybe run a little and you look like duck trying to run. Hideous.
6. Rubbing my belly and loving how I don't have to suck in after I eat.
7. How I can wear tight shirts with a huge belly.
8. Realizing how blessed I am to be carrying this little child of God.
9. Using my belly as a table for cell phones, cereal bowls, etc.
10. Getting smiles from strangers. People just love pregnant woman!

Things I will not miss:
1. No sleep.
2. Being uncomfortable 24/7.
3. Feeling like a 300lb woman who can't breathe when she walks up 3 steps.
4. Having to pee every 3.5 seconds.
5. Wearing the same 7 outfits every week.
6. Wearing flats. I can't wait to put on a pair of 4 inch heels!!! How I've missed them!!
7. Not being able to see my feet.
8. The feeling of not being able to bend over and pick something up. I feel like a 98 year old fat woman.
9. Crotch throbbing.
10. The feeling of waiting and waiting and waiting for her to get here!!!

*Side note. KK aka Krazy Karl, just left my office and on his way out, with his fist shaking in the air said, "Goodbye Ashton!! Go baptize the city!!!"

March 16, 2011

A day in the life of...

Sooooo 90% of the time my job is pretty much boresville (which is why I'm writing this post because I'm bored). Jon and I work in the same office building, which rocks because he comes and visits me everyday and 8:15 (when I get there) and 10:30 (when he leaves to go to school). And he brings me treats from his work every morning, which is not helping my bum out in anyway, but its tight. Anywayzzzzz, Jon and I google chat all morning and here is a chat I found from a couple of weeks ago. Just a little preview of what our jobs/lives consist of from 8:00am to 10:00am...since I know all my bloggers out there {aka whitnee (sister), shea (sister), and sloan (sister in law)} were wondering what I do on a regular basis since I don't already talk to them on the phone at least once a day...

me: good morning sweetheart...i love you!
j: Hi bugga
I love you too

me: were you late? did you get in trouble?
j: nope not at all
me: ok good

me: how much do we love Lost?
j: we love it with all our hearts
me: i love that we love it...but i love you 100 times more
j: hahahah stop it right now
me: you love it. i missers yous
j: I miss you too bugga

me: me sooo tired. me can't keep me's eyes open's
j: me tooo!!!! I tired boi
me: i just wanna go home and watch Lost all day again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is that a crime????
j: hahahha me tooo. get me outta here!!!!!!!!!!
me: me too!!!! i can't wait till my maternity leave!!!!!!!!!!!!
j: I know bugga it will be Party time for you!!!
me: well kind of. i hope she doesn't cry a lot. that would succkkkkkk

me: 6 more weeks babe!! 6 more weeks!
j: haha I know for real
me: if the electrical tape is 66 ft many do you think we will need to order? i guess we will have to measure it when we get home
j: yeah I will need to see. if the wall is 10ft then we could do about 6 strips per roll
me: totally. you rock my world
j: you rock mine
me: ok everytime you look at londys ultrasound, do you not just want to eat her nose and lips for dinner??? cuz i do
j: hahahah yessss I want to squeeze them
me: haha i know! shes is such an angel gurl

j: yes she is I can't wait

me: ok i think im going to wring KK's (Krazy Karl) neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he just asked me to call his clients!!!! GET SERIOUS!!!!! its not happening!!!!! I CAN"T STAND HIM!!!!!!
j: put your foot down babe
me: i told him i will only call them if i have time. hun im not kidding I have to force myself to be nice. i give him one word answers

After reading this...please don't be jealous of our jobs/lives. Oh and btw, KK aka Krazy Karl (which name I did not make up for him, he gave that name to himself) is an agent here at my work and he might be the happiest, most giddiest person I have ever met. Every morning when he walks into the office he yells, "Good morning Ashton!! I got two more applications! The church is true!" Literally, E-V-ER-Y DAY. He looks identical to the blonde kid off of "The Best Two Years." Seriously, bless KK's heart.....and mine.

March 5, 2011

Have you ever seen anything cuter?? I sure haven't. Here is my little angel gurl at 33 weeks.

I love her little hand, turned up nose and pouty lips...

Can't wait to give these little (or shall I say big) lips kisses all day!