July 26, 2011

Fam Reunion/Misc.

This past weekend was our Hadfield Family Reunion. We had it in Ogden and had a really great time. I did not get a lot of pics but here are a few...

Friday: Hogal Zoo & BBQ.
I only got one pic of Jon and a giraffe.

Saturday: Lunch, Pedicures & Rodeo.
Jon was the only person in my whole fam that really dressed up for the rodeo. He took it to a whole new level. It was hilarious.
Me & my cowboy

He borrowed his hat from my uncle, his boots and belt from my grandpa, his beard/mustache he shaved himself, and his shirt & wranglers were courtesy of Savers.


Side profile


Sunday: Church, lunch, visited grave sites of the Great Grandparents, BBQ.
Cute pic I took at the cemetary of my sweethearts

Monday: Ogden Pioneer Day Parade, went home.
No pics that day.

Onto some more exciting news.....

She looks like an absolute doll!

And here are a couple pics from my phone...

Oh and HAPPY 3 MONTHS TO MY LONDY BEAR! (I will do a 3 month update later)

July 20, 2011

Rexburg/Jon's Birthday

This past weekend we decided to visit Rexburg for Jon's bday. We had not been there in a year so we thought it would be fun to celebrate his bday there and see friends we had not seen in awhile. We stayed at Jen and Claytons and we bonded like no one's biz.

On Saturday was Lauren's baby shower. Jennie threw her the shower and it was so cute! Lauren looks great and we are so excited to meet her baby girl! (I stole these pics from Jennie)

All the girls at the shower

Jace (Rachelle's baby boi) and Londyn meeting for the first time.

Jen, Pierina and Londyn

Saturday night we went to Craigos for Jon's birthday. So fun to see all my friends I had not seen in forever!

Brady was being sneaky and clipped Jon's Birthday ballon on Alyssa's pony tail. She had no clue. Haha.

Londyn & Kyle bonding. He wanted to do a serious photoshoot with just him and her. I thought one photo was enough. (and yes, she did have a bow in her hair all night but we took it off on our way out. My family is very serious about never leaving the house without a bow in your hair. Its a rule).

And here are just a couple random pics at home. I thought I was soooo funny with Londyn's boppy on my head. Jon didn't even think it was that funny. I was dying and told him to take a pic immediately. I look hid!

Just a mother bonding with her child. No big deal.

Obsessed with this child.

Londyn LOVES LOVES LOVES watching TV (just like her mama). She laid like this while she watched TV with Jon all night. So freakin cute.

July 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to my bugga...

Happy Birthday to my favorite boy in the entire world! He is the big 2-6 tomorrow. We are going up to Rexburg tonight to celebrate and hang out with friends that we haven't seen in awhile. Since he is turning 26, I have to write down the 26 things that I absolutely love about him/things you might not know about him.

1. He is so smart. He is majoring in engineering and you can't be no dummy to gradutate in that field. He studies so much and is very dedicated to his schooling.
2. He's so hot. I would never marry someone ugly. Duh.
3. He is absolutley and postively in love love love with Londyn. I love watching them together. She will smile at him every time.
4. He has many ideas about everything. Inventions, how to be rich, you name it he has thought about it. I love hearing all his ideas because he gets so excited about it. Like I said, he is very smart.
5. He loves to research every possiblity first to find us the best deal on something. Not kidding. Even if it saves us 2 cents.
6. He loves building things and taking them apart. He is so handy. He fixed the engine in our vacuum, our dryer, changes our oil, fixed his xbox that was completely broken, and so many other things. He is the HANDIEST MAN I KNOW.
7. He drives a stick and I think thats pretty sexy.
8. He has the best/most hideous dance moves ever. Like, way worse than me. So funny.
9. He makes me laugh constantly. That is what I loved about him when we first met.
10. I love how well we go together and our personalities play off each other.
11. I love his eyes. So round, brown and beautiful! And he has the best eyelashes. I tell him all the time how I would love to put mascara on them. He never lets me.
12. He is so well rounded. He can do anything. He's maybe not the best at everything, but he can definitely keep up.
13. He is friends with literally every walk of life. Dorks, nerds, gothics, band geeks, cool, funny, weird, black, white, mexican, asian, mormon, not mormon, girl, boy, old, young, child, you name it. Everyone loves him.
14. He loves Harry Potter and Star Wars.
15. He is super good at football.
16. He has the best thick black hair. But you will rarely see it because he wears a hat ALL THE TIME. I've thought about just secretly throwing it away.
17. He is so thoughtful. Always making sure I am okay, his family is okay and my family is okay. He calls his mom almost everyday. So sweet.
18. He is a very detailed person. When I ask him about his day he will go into every detail. Me on the other hand, not so much. I love hearing his stories (even if he does think I'm not listening half the time, I really am).
19. He is obsessed with vanilla milkshakes.
20. He loves children, and they love him. Seriously though, he is a child magnet. They are drawn to him.
21. I love how he loves me and takes care of me. He WILL NOT leave for work without giving me a kiss and when I come home that's the first thing he does. He tells me he loves me all the time and compliments me non stop.
22. He loves eating pizza with chocolate milk.
23. He is such a good snuggler.
24. He played the trumpet in high school and was also in the jazz band.
25. He loves shooting guns, fishing, dirt bikes and he wants to go metal detecting so bad (I know so weird, but that's why I love him)
26. He has a sincere testimony of the gospel and truly loves his Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

We love you so much and hope you have a wonderful 26th bday ya old fart!

Ash & Londy

July 13, 2011


Why does the last ten pounds of pregnancy weight have to be the hardest, especially when they first 20 came off so easily in the first 2 weeks?? It is seriously holding on so tight and will not let go! YOU'RE SO ANNOYING!! GO AWAY!! I literally get on the scale everyday to see if I've dropped even an ounce, but no I am the exact same weight as I've been for the past 2 months. Seriously killer. Now I'm gonna have to actually start working out and eating like an anorexic to get this off.

So the other day I was in Target (mine and Londy's fav place to hang out), and I saw the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD. It was only $10 and I'm a huge fan of the Biggest Loser. So I decided to get it because I know I do not have the will power to go to the gym after a 8 hour work day. That is the LAST thing I want to do when I get home. So I thought if I could do it at home I would be more apt to work out. Oh my word!!! Jilly totes kicked my butt!!! And I was only on level one! And its only a 20 min work out, but it feels like a hour because you do not stop!! I was seriously huffing and puffing the entire workout and Jon was just staring at me while he was sitting on the couch. Occasionally he would yell a few encouraging words like, "Yeah Ashton! Get low! Work those abs!" I would look back at him like, "seriously stop."
I am beyond sore this morning (but that's probably because I haven't worked out in like 9 months) Hopefully, this video "shreds" my last ten pounds gosh dang it!!

July 11, 2011

2.5 months old

Today we had her "2 month check up" but she is really 2.5 months old. Here are her stats:

Weight: 12.5 lbs (73%)
Height: 23.5 in (78%)
Head: 16 in (87%)

She was so good at her appointment until she had to get her shots...so sad! Two in one leg and one in the other and one in the mouth. Seriously the saddest thing ever. Her little cry was a cry I had never heard before. So painful for her. I hated watching it.

Here are some pics I took of her yesterday...she's growing so fast she's like a full on teen now!!!

Doesn't her head band kind of remind you of Tupac? She is so ghetto fab.

I do this to her alllll dayyyy lonngggg. She looks so over it in this pic


July 9, 2011

I can't wait...

to show these videos and pics I found to Londyn and all her friends when she gets older. She has the coolest parents...

July 5, 2011

The 4th

We spent the 4th here in Utah with Jon's family. It was a very fun and relaxing weekend. Londyn was the most relaxed...

Londy loved her 4th of July outfit. I love how she looks like a full on toddler in this pic.

Grandma & Papa (Jon's parents) enjoying every second of her

Jon fixing Amelia's fishing pole. He is seriously the handiest man I know. He can fix ANYTHING.

Dason "fishing" in GG's backyard.

I love my lazy eye.

Jon played on his Grandma's scooter all night. Great 4th of July activity.

Watching the fireworks with the Andy's.