June 30, 2010


Lake Powell is by far my most favorite vacation in the world. You can eat all day, not get ready, never shower, no one cares if you stink (okay maybe a little if we start to smell BO), laugh all day with family, lay out, get tan, play cards, ski, have tube wars, and leave all your worries at home. It's the ABSOLUTE BEST! This year was a blast, even though we were missing a lot of family that I wish could have been there with us. I can honestly say I have the best family in the world. They are HILARIOUS and so much fun to be around. They are just as bomb on the outside as they are on the inside (and that's saying a lot because I have some pretty good lookin folks in my fam). Jon had so much fun and I love that he loves being around my family. He fits right in and we all love him! He did his own thing the entire time and acted like he had been in the fam for years. I love that about him. I never have to worry about entertaining him or worry that he is feeling left out when he is with my family. He is so confident and I love him! Here are a few pics of the LP. ENJOY!

June 22, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

I was so lucky to have my parents up to Utah for Father's Day. I love when they are here and I love spending time with them. They came up for my cousin's sealing on my dad's side. We spent all weekend with the Hadfield's and it was really fun. On friday after the sealing, they had a bbq at my Grams and Gramps house. It was so nice to visit with everyone. We just talked and talked and talked some more. On Saturday, my mom and I went shopping all day. I love our one on one time together. She is the best person to talk to and she's absolutley hilarious. I love how close we are and how great our relationship is. I just wish I lived closer to my mom and sister's. After we shopped till we dropped, Jon, me, and my mom drove back up to Ogden and had dinner at a really good steakhouse with the Hadfield's. After dinner, we all went back to my grandparents and played games and just chatted. While playing games outside, I got stung by a bee on the knuckle of my thumb. It hurt sooo bad! Anyways, Jon and I slept over at my grandparents that night and the next morning we had a big breakfast for all the father's. After breakfast, Jon, me, my mom and dad, got ready and went to our ward. After church we met my Grandpa Bob (my mom's dad) at Olive Garden for father's day. It was so nice to visit with him, especially since I don't see him that often. Jon and Gramps talked about engineering the whole time because Jon is graduating in engineering and my grandpa is a chemical engineer. After dinner we had to say our goodbyes to my parents. I always hate to see them go. I love them so much and am so grateful for their wonderful and Christ-like examples. I hope Jon and I will be more in love on our 30th year of marriage than we are now (and sometimes that's hard to comprehend since I love him so much already, especially when he suprises me with donuts in the morning at work). That night, Jon and I went over to his uncles house for a little bbq with some Jon's side of the family. I am so lucky to have such great in-laws who treat me like their own and always make me feel so welcomed and loved. I am so grateful for the many wonderful examples of father's I have on both sides of the family. And I know that Jon will be an awesome dad and I can't wait for that day! I'm so baby hungry! And I'm so mad that I didn't take any pictures! Sorry! Welp, see ya later!

June 15, 2010

Weekend Update

I love weekends more than I love a Hot n Spicy McChicken from McDonalds w/ a large diet coke. And I especially love them when I have nothing to do and nothing is planned. This weekend Jon and I went to Macaroni Grill, the mall, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, sat on our butts, ate, watched movies, and did not do one thing that was productive. And that's the way I like to enjoy my weekends. And weekends are even better when you get to hang out with your best friend and you don't have to leave each other at curfew, or worry if you should be laying down together on the couch watching a movie. Married life rocks....and so do weekends.

Besties...and loving that its Friday.

We pulled our very classy couch out and left it like this all weekend...it was the best idea Jon has ever had (and trust me, he has a lot of ideas).

Here's us looking our finest. I love my lesbian slick back, and Jon loves his ear.

Wal-Mart's frequent shoppers...just picking up a few items for our humble abode.

We like them firm...just like the movie.

Car pic!!!! Cuties!!!

Another classy place we like to visit is the Nickelcade. I feel like this post makes us look so white trash (walmart, arcades, hide a beds, slick backs, etc..) Whateves.

June 1, 2010

Memorable Memorial Weekend

I had such a fun weekend and it was very much needed. Jon and I went to Las Vegas this past weekend and had such a good time with both sides of the fam. Jon's sister and her husband and Jon's little brother were also in Vegas this weekend. It was so fun to hang out with them. We got there late Friday night and just chilled with Whit. Saturday morning, me and Whit went to Shea's piano recital, where we got to listen to all of her little students. After the recital, we all went to Port of Subs (boo ya) and then back to the rent's house for a long and relaxing day of swimming and laying out. I loved hanging out with my sisters. They are freakin funny and they are seriously my best friends. After we swam, we all went to Rubio's and then to Iron Man 2. On Sunday, we went and heard Shea speak in her ward. She did an excellent job and I didn't expect anything less. Then we had a BBQ at the house and just chilled and relaxed. On Monday, we did some more swimming and laying out, and then to the mall. I was so sad to leave everyone. But, I am definitely looking forward to Lake Powell in a few weeks! It couldn't have been a better weekend. I love my fam sooo much and living far away from them just makes me appreciate them even more.

Father of the Year Award

Shea and Scott's 3rd child.

Goggle Time!

Silly bo billies.

Chillin out max and relaxin all cool..

Isser bear.

Isn't she gorgeous?

The Villas.

Scottee girl! She acts like a teen and I could seriously hang out with her everyday.

My bugga!!

Beautiful Hadlee! She was soo funny this weekend and I couldn't believe how much more she talked this trip.

Mattie got to spend the weekend with us b/c Zane and Sloan were out of town. Sweetest dog on the planet!