September 8, 2011

As I sat and rocked Londy to sleep tonight, I couldn't help but think how truly blessed I am to have this daughter of God. What a wonderful blessing she is in my life. It's amazing that God would trust a 24 year old to take care of one of his most sacred treasures. My heart was filled with an overwhelming love for this child as I watched her drift off to sleep. No wonder the prophets have told us to get married and have children-- they bring you happiness that you have never felt before. I love what my grandma said in her talk a few sundays ago, "Of all the titles I have held in life, I found motherhood to be the nearest to Godhood, for mothers possess a Christ like love…. the ability to love someone else more than they love their selves." That is so true. There is no other love quite like the love you have for your own child. They can be disobedient, ungrateful, naughty, disrespectful, but you will still love them unconditionally. Motherhood has been the greatest challenge, but by far the most rewarding. It's amazing how one little smile from her can make all your other worries and frustrations go away in that moment. This little child has not only strengthened my testimony of families and how important they are, but she has strengthened my marriage. I have never loved Jon so much as I do when I watch them together. She makes me want to be a better person, wife, daughter, homemaker, visiting teacher, friend, and example. She has brought me such joy and true happiness. I love this song that my grandma said in her's one of my favorites, especially now that I am a mother.


Do you know who you are little child of mine,
So precious and dear to me.
Do you know you’re a part of a great design,
That is vast as eternity.
Can you think for a moment how much depends,
On your holding the iron rod?
Your life is forever, worlds without end,
Do you know you’re a child of God.

Do you know where you’ve been child of mine?
It is hard to recall I know.
Do you ever remember that home divine,
With a Father who loves you so.
Do you sometimes review how He took your hand,
And He placed it within my own.
Saying, here is a child from angel land,
Not a gift but a precious loan.

Do you know where you’re going child of mine?
Are your eyes on the road ahead?
Do the spires of His castle gleam and shine,
Where the sun grows golden red?
Are you taking enough for your journey, child?
Does your lamp cast a steady glow?
Can you hold your course when the storm is wild?
You will make it, my child, I know!

I love you, Londy bear!


  1. Ashton, what a beautiful post on your blog. You are a wonderful example of motherhood and I'm so glad you are the mother of my grandbaby and wife to my son. He is a better person because of you. Love you!

  2. I love you and Londy! I can't wait to meet my little baby!!!! Stop making me want him to come out even more than I already do!!!