July 26, 2011

Fam Reunion/Misc.

This past weekend was our Hadfield Family Reunion. We had it in Ogden and had a really great time. I did not get a lot of pics but here are a few...

Friday: Hogal Zoo & BBQ.
I only got one pic of Jon and a giraffe.

Saturday: Lunch, Pedicures & Rodeo.
Jon was the only person in my whole fam that really dressed up for the rodeo. He took it to a whole new level. It was hilarious.
Me & my cowboy

He borrowed his hat from my uncle, his boots and belt from my grandpa, his beard/mustache he shaved himself, and his shirt & wranglers were courtesy of Savers.


Side profile


Sunday: Church, lunch, visited grave sites of the Great Grandparents, BBQ.
Cute pic I took at the cemetary of my sweethearts

Monday: Ogden Pioneer Day Parade, went home.
No pics that day.

Onto some more exciting news.....

She looks like an absolute doll!

And here are a couple pics from my phone...

Oh and HAPPY 3 MONTHS TO MY LONDY BEAR! (I will do a 3 month update later)

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