August 1, 2011

3 months

My sweet darling was 3 months on the 26th! She just keeps getting more and more fun! I took a few pics of her yesterday and she hated every second. She WOULD NOT look at the camera, and the couple times she did she gave a confused look/flared nose. Whateves, she's still freakin cute. And my friends Alyssa & Brady gave her the bib and those socks! Soooo cute!

At 3 months Londyn is:
-talking up a storm. She babbles all day long.
-has THE CUTEST smile in the world. I laugh everytime she grins.
-wants us to stand her up all the time. She hates sitting.
-LOVES TV! She loves Veggie Tales & Harry Potter. Last night Jon & I were watching HP and she could not take her eyes of the screen. We just snuggled and watched HP together. It was great.
-Toots all the time (great quality, boys will love her.)
-Loves when I dip her binki in Diet Coke. Doi.
-Sleeps 10-11 hours a night.
-Loves Sno Cones.
-Can almost roll over from her stomach to her back.
-Hates her car seat.
-She is SO EASY to put to sleep and take naps.
-Can hold on to toys I give her and suck on them.
-Loves to rub her nose/face in blankets.
-Slobbers non stop.
-Puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.
-Is not chubby at all. She has such long, lean legs.
-Loves people watching.
-Loves taking baths/showers.

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