July 20, 2011

Rexburg/Jon's Birthday

This past weekend we decided to visit Rexburg for Jon's bday. We had not been there in a year so we thought it would be fun to celebrate his bday there and see friends we had not seen in awhile. We stayed at Jen and Claytons and we bonded like no one's biz.

On Saturday was Lauren's baby shower. Jennie threw her the shower and it was so cute! Lauren looks great and we are so excited to meet her baby girl! (I stole these pics from Jennie)

All the girls at the shower

Jace (Rachelle's baby boi) and Londyn meeting for the first time.

Jen, Pierina and Londyn

Saturday night we went to Craigos for Jon's birthday. So fun to see all my friends I had not seen in forever!

Brady was being sneaky and clipped Jon's Birthday ballon on Alyssa's pony tail. She had no clue. Haha.

Londyn & Kyle bonding. He wanted to do a serious photoshoot with just him and her. I thought one photo was enough. (and yes, she did have a bow in her hair all night but we took it off on our way out. My family is very serious about never leaving the house without a bow in your hair. Its a rule).

And here are just a couple random pics at home. I thought I was soooo funny with Londyn's boppy on my head. Jon didn't even think it was that funny. I was dying and told him to take a pic immediately. I look hid!

Just a mother bonding with her child. No big deal.

Obsessed with this child.

Londyn LOVES LOVES LOVES watching TV (just like her mama). She laid like this while she watched TV with Jon all night. So freakin cute.

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