May 2, 2012

One 12 month old and Two 25 year olds

Have I mentioned how much I love sharing a birthday with someone? I love it so much that Heavenly Father sent my angel girl down to me just two hours before the clock struck midnight on April 27th (my birthday). I get to share my most favorite day with two of my most favorite people. How lucky am I? First off, I just want to say what a blessing it is to be a twin. We have been together since the womb (literally). She is everything that is good. She is hilarious, dramatic, beautiful, smart, giving, kind, complimentary, gorgeous smile, home body, and so Christ-like. She is an example to me of goodness and always has been. She is my best friend and I have no idea what I would do without her in my life. I cherish our relationship so much and I miss her on a daily basis. I love you, Whit! Thanks for being the bestest friend a girl could ask for! Secondly, have I also mentioned that this past year has been my most favorite out of all my 25 years on this earth?? And all because of my Londy bear. Seriously, who would of thought one little person could bring you so much happiness!?! I can't even imagine the amount of happiness more children will bring. She is the hot n spicy to my diet coke and I'm so lucky to be able to spend her 1st birthday with her. Wow time sure does fly and it makes me sad. What used to be her tiny little baby hands and feet, are becoming more like a little girl. Please. stop. growing. I put her hair in a pony tail for the first time on her birthday and I was on the verge of tears. She looked so big!!! But so stinkin cute. I don't even want to imagine Kindergarten. And let's hope she doesn't say what I said to my mom on our first day of Kindergarten....Mom: "what will I do all day long now that my twinners are leaving me at home all alone??" Me: "Don't worry mom, just stay home and make cookies." I'm so thoughtful. I can't tell you enough how much I love you! Happy 1st Birthday! Birthday girl with her birthday balloon
Second Birthday dinner
Whitnee got us a hotel room at Homewood Suites to spend our birthday night. Jon was so nice and let me hang out with the girls all day on my birthday and watched Londyn and Jase for us. We got pedi's and shopped with all the birthday money we got. He and the babes met us for dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory and then took Londyn home while I got to party all night long. He also got me a 4 hour spa day for my bday!!!! He is the best! Love you!
Birthday lunch at J Dawgs (not pictured-my mom, Joni and Patti)
And these next pics are just a few from this past week...


  1. So happy you had a great bday! Wish I was there to celebrate! Love and miss you all so much

  2. Iss, that was way too nice. You are nicer than me to write such a nice post. I love Londy and her ponytail, but I feel you girl, they grow up WAY too fast. Miss you guys already!!

  3. Looks like you had so much fun! You guys are all so gorg, and Londy is a doll babe! We all need to get together with the kiddies! Hopefully we will be in Vegas at the same time this summer or something!

  4. I am going to eat londy up. Such an adorable angel baby. You rock girl.