May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

It's weird to think that this was my 2nd Mother's Day. Londyn was not quite a month old for my first. Jon let me sleep in and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. He had the nicest letter written to me next to my plate. He's definitely a keeper. We spent the rest of the day at church, and then over to Jon's aunt and uncles house for Mother's Day dinner. While we were there we got to Skype with Ryan (Jon's brother) who is on his mission in Guatemala. It was so nice to hear from him. I had a wonderful Mother's Day and am so grateful for my own mother and the example that she is to me. I love her so much. Happy Mother's Day!
For Mother's Day dinner I was in charge of the dessert. I saw these cream cheese brownies on Pinterest and thought they sounded divine. I made everything from scratch and I was pretty darn proud of myself. I am not a baker/cook at all so it felt good to do something so "motherly" on Mother's Day! The whole time I was baking I kept saying to Jon, "Just being a mother on Mother's Day! No big deal." They turned out pretty tasty!


  1. I am proud of your motherly brownies. I too, tried making a brownie recipe from pinterest and they did not turn out at all. Good for you, girl. You are a bomb mom!