April 9, 2012

Londy Pondy Puddin n Pie

I was sitting at a stop light today and thought about blessed I am to be a mother and how much I LOVE IT. It is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can't believe she is MINE. It's the best feeling in the entire world. The age she is at right now is so much fun and I'm sure it will keep getting better. I love how she knows I'm her mom and how she depends on me for everything. I love how she reaches up for me to hold her. I love how she needs me. She will be 1 year old on the 26th and I can't believe how fast this past year has flown. She reminds me of a little girl now and not a baby. She says dada, uh-oh, mmmmm (everytime she takes a bite of food), bye-bye, claps her hands, knows patty cake, points her finger, shakes her head when we say no, throws tantrums, HATES bows on her head, loves to walk everywhere we go and does not want us to hold her hand, socializes with everyone!! We were in Subway yesterday and a bunch of little kids came in and she ran over to them and wanted to play. She does this all the time. She smiles at strangers, loves loves loves drinks. We will give her our drinks when they are gone and she will throw the straw out, bite the top of the lid off and eats all the ice. It is hilarious. She is OBSESSED with ice. One time she had an ice cube in her mouth for way too long and she started screaming because it froze her mouth. It was sad but so funny. She pulls all the clothes out of the dressers and puts them on her head and then walks away. And I always say, "Oh that is such a pretty hat!" And she smiles and loves it. She loves opening and closing the doors. She is the BUSIEST BEE you have ever seen. My aunt Patti babysat her the other weekend and she said that she got into things that both her grandchildren have never touched. haha! She keeps us pretty busy and destroys our apartment in 2.5 seconds. But, we still love her. She is OBSESSED with the show Super-Why!! Every morning at 8 we turn it on and she is glued. I'll leave for work and I'll say "Bye bye Londy I love you" and she won't even look at me. She loves her Super-Why. She loves climbing up stairs. She loves the bath and will just leave her hand under the running water for hours. She obsessed with being chased or scared by Jon. He will make a certain noise or say I'm gonna get you, and she squeals and runs the other way. She could play that game all day. I love how she swings her arm when she walks like she is seriously going places. She is very independent and knows what she wants. She plays by herself all the time is very content. I love how she copies everything I do. I brush my hair with a comb and she will take the comb and do it to her hair. Same with brushing my teeth. When I rub my hands together with baby lotion to put on her after she bathes, she will rub her hands together. She is my little buddy and I am obsessed with her!! Everytime Jon and I get into bed at night and Londy has been asleep for a couple hours, we always say how much we miss her. She brings so much joy to our lives. We love you Londy Pondy!!


  1. the truth of it is that she is insanely cute

  2. Love the post. I am about to post Jaser's updates. I love Londy and i LOVE babies in the bath...they look so cute and sweet!

  3. She's adorable! I love how much you love her and all her little details. That my fave part about being a mom... Thoes little details of their sweet little personalities!

  4. love this post--she is really hilarious and cute!

  5. ash, i love all these picturesss..you look sooo gorgeous on all of them. such a hot mom!!! you make me so excited to be a mom. i get scared of the 'unknown' that is coming but hearing all my friends with kids talk about how much they love it, makes me feel better :). londy is such a cutie and is growing so fast!! i hope you're doing well...miss you!!

    1. Thank you P! You are so nice! You will be such a good mom and you will absolutely love it. It will definitely change your life completely but for the better. So excited for you to have this baby!! Miss you so much!