August 8, 2011


Off to the Gateway! Alwayz rememberz toz wearz yourz seatbeltzzz!!

The car that I surprised Jon with..."Drembig" thats my motto.

Happy as a clam

Hot tubbin...and I have a five head.

Off to eat some din din!

This past weekend we went on a little staycation at the Zermatt Resort in Midway. It was so pretty there and it resembled a little Swiss town. We started our day out shopping at the Gateway, lunch and getting a d to the vine cookie from what used to be called Ben's Cookies but I have no idea what it's called now. Then we headed up to Park City and visited Jon's bro who works at the Nike outlet and did some shopping. I got me some extremely cute black wide leg jeans from Old Navy that I have been wanting for forever!! Then we drove our little selves to Midway where we relaxed, swam, hot tubbed it up, had dinner on a golf course, ate gelato and watched 17 Again in our hotel room. It was seriously a dream and I didn't want to leave!!

And here are just a couple random pics. Just me, Jon and little Londy Lou, the happiest little family there ever was!

Keeses for my beebes...she hates me in this pic...and why does it look like I'm partially balding?

I feel like I have been in wayyy too many pics in this post.

Little baby on a big couch

Drooly Julie


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  1. i love when you are in lots of pics, but my favorite is of jon and lo sitting on the couch, just being besties.