February 15, 2011

So I did really bad on the things I "love" list. It's probably because we started the seasons of Lost and we are so addicted. We are already in the middle of the second season and we only started a few days ago. Which brings me to my 11th thing on my list of loves....

11. Lost. It's what I look forward to coming home to...Jon, dinner and Lost.

12. My parents. They are the greatest examples of love, generosity, sacrifice, and humility. Not to mention they are both extremely good looking.

13. My job and Jon's job. Well we don't exactly LOVE our jobs, but we LOVE having jobs. We are very grateful.

14. VALENTINES DAY! Jon did so good this year. When I got home from work, he had all the lights off with just candles burning and romantic music playing. He made me a delicious steak and garlic mashed potatoes! I was impressed. He might be a better cook than me (which is not hard to come by). And for dessert, he had bought a red velvet cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. Angel boi! Oh and not to mention he had an ice cold DC poured for me in a huge mug glass. It was heaven on earth. My preggo self could not have been happier. I LOVE him and LOVE how sweet he is to me. I didn't get any pics of the night and I'm furious at myself because he did so good! LOVE him! Hope you all had as good and as romantic Valentines as I did!

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  1. Yeah yeah yeah Lost rocks. So does mom and dad. So does having a job (kinda). So does V-day. Keep it real dog!