December 6, 2011

Ok where in the h-e-double hockey sticks has the time gone? My baby is 8 months this month! That is crazzzzaaayyyy!!! Thanksgiving is already over and Christmas is here in no time. I have not done an ounce of shopping, and don't really care because all I'm getting Jon this year is coal (just joshin <---remember when that was so cool to say instead of just kidding? and I used to always say it to this kid named Josh and I thought I was so funny) Anyways, Londy is seriously a goof ball and she makes me laugh all the time. She stands up on EVERYTHING now!! When we go get her from her nap, she is standing in her crib. She thinks she's a toddler. Her chubby cheeks are out of control and I bite them constantly. She loves her mama and reaches for me to hold her. It drives Jon nuts. And she even says MAMA!! She has no clue what she's saying but she repeats it all the time!! I LOVE IT. JON HATES IT. He always says, "no DaDa!"

She smacks her lips, gives kisses, crawls all over the place, giggles up a storm, is very ticklish, loves food more than life itself, is very tall, almost fits into 12 month clothing, loves baths, loves her binki, hates snuggling, has dark brown hair, HATES getting dressed and her diaper changed (it's my least favorite part of the day as well), gets so excited when she hears a bottle being made, LOVES little kids, people watcher, and loves playing with Jon.

Here is a little bit of what has gone on in our lives...

On our way to Vegas for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving at the Cromptons

For Christmas my parents gave us this tree and all the ornaments on it. It's actually a 7ft tree, but the spot where we could only put it in our apartment wouldn't fit, so we only used the first two parts of the tree!

Londyn all ready for Christmas

Our little family at Gardner Village

Standing up all on her own


  1. I am obsessed with her. I need to squeeze her cheeks immediately. I loved when you said "just joshin". It really was funny. YOu funny gurl

  2. you always have her in the cutest clothes!

  3. Ok I need a Londyn fix NOW! Miss you guys and love u

  4. she is really spectacular. i would like to eat her. so glad you're not private any more!

  5. I just love those thighs!! I want to squeeze them and her sweet, chubby cheeks!

  6. Wow. Londyn is seriously gorgeous! I need to see her soon! Her and Noah will play like nobodies be-nay now! I remember "just joshin". . . good times! Lets get together in Vegas over the Holidays!

  7. Londy is huge and so cute! Miss you guys, see ya in a couple weeks!