November 10, 2011


This year was kinda lame. Jon and I didn't dress up, which we always do, and we didn't have any fun Halloween parties to go to (mainly because we have no friends and we don't hang out with friends)! I told Jon that we have to start making friends so we will be invited to Halloween and Christmas parties! (haha, but seriously) I missed being with my fam over this holiday because my parents always throw their annual Halloween party! Oh well, Londyn did look freakin cute in her fish costume and we got to show her off to Jon's family and her babysitter. Jon wanted to take her around the neighborhood to "trick or treat" and I firmly gave that a big N-O. Obviously people would realize two grown adults would be taking their candy to eat it for themselves because a 6 month old cannot. Jon's response, "exactly, an easy way get free candy." I went ahead and just purchased a $2 bag of candy for my cheap husband.

Here she is in all her glory!


  1. OH my gosh. She is freaking cute.

  2. I absolutely love her little mouth and expressions! She is so precious.

  3. we love little londy... she is so cute and I love to squeeze those cheeks...