May 9, 2011

My Baby Gurl

Filling out many papers in the hospital...

Loving my epidural right about now.

My wonderful mother dearest with me in the hospital.

Getting ready to go in for my C-section after 14 hours of labor and then finding out that she was too big and was face up and we could not do a vaginal delivery. I did not care at that point...I just wanted her outta there!!!

10 lbs 7 oz and 22 inches long! Born on April 26th (the day before my b-day) at 10:08 pm.

Holding my baby gurl for the first time! Best feeling in the entire world!

She was so swollen when she came out. Look at those chubby cheeks...I could eat her!!

Going home from the hospital!!!

Her first bath!

Driving home from Vegas...she doesn't look too excited about it, I wasn't either!

Lovin my BABY GURL!!


  1. I am so glad baby Londy is here and healthy and so is mama. I miss you already and cant wait to see you in a couple weeks!!!

  2. okay. it is sort of strange that londy is your child, but these pics are crazy tender. I can't wait to meet her soon. SHe is seriously so cute. You go gurl, you and Jon did good

  3. You are the bestest mommy ever!! Londy is so lucky to have you as her mommy! Can't wait to see her in a few weeks!