April 5, 2011

Baby Update: 38 Weeks

Sooo last week at my doc appointment I was told that I wasn't dilated at all, but she could see that my cervix was thinning. So disappointing and annoying, but for the next week, I made a conscious effort to walk a lot, use the stairs instead of the elevator at work, and all the other stuff they tell you to do to get this baby outta you! So today I had my doc appointment and I was so excited because I thought for sure I would be dilated at least a little....NADA! NOTHING! She did another ultrasound on me to check if the babes head was down because I wasn't dilated at all. Her head is down and in perfect position which is good, but she seriously needs to stop being stubborn and be obedient! She needs to boot, scoot and boogy right on out. When I left the doc's office, I seriously wanted to cry. I just know I'm going to be late, which I seriously can't handle. 2 weeks already seems like an ETERNITYYYYYYYY. I did ask my doc if she can strip my membranes at my next appointment on the 14th and she said yes, but your cervix does have to be open in order for me to do that. So in other words it most likely won't which is sooooooo cooooollllll and I'll be carrying this baby FORREEEVVVERRRRR. I'm seriously being dramatic, but I don't care because I can be.

Anywayzzzzz....I will post a pic of my huge self later on this week when I actually look half way decent and my hair isn't up in a lesbian bun (which it is literally everyday).

Oh, and I just got off the phone with Jon and he was talking in a baby voice and goes, "Guess where I am?" "Where?" "In Londyn's room..." "Oh really, that's so cool, hun." "Yes, and I'm in her crib taking a nap." I started dying laughing. Seriously, imagine a grown man napping in a babies crib. Hilarious.


  1. dear ashton, i throughly enjoy reading your posts..you are hilarious. it makes me miss when we lived together. i hope little lo comes on time! i can't wait to see pictures and meet her!!!

  2. i hope she "boots scoots and boogies soon" but its good for her right, the longer shes in there the better. stinks for you though. chin up mama to be!

  3. Haha I want to take a nap in Londy's crib. It's so cute! I love my Londy bridge. Get out of her tummy now!