July 18, 2010

My Bugga Boo is Getting SO BIG!!!!

On July 16, 1985 at 5:30 am, a little boy named Jonathan Clark Anderson was brought into this world. And how grateful I am that he was! Friday was his birthday and he turned the big 2-5. Here are 25 things that I love about him...and try to bear with me.

1. His goofy and funny sense of humor.
2. His down to earth personality.
3. How he likes to research everything before he buys it.
4. His hand motions when he talks.
5. His love for children.
6. His positive outlook on life.
7. How he makes me feel like I am the only woman in the world.
8. The way kisses me and hugs me everyday when I come home from work like we haven't seen each other in years.
9. His handy-man skills.
10. His love for McDonald's and Taco Bell.
11. His bum and legs.
12. His freakin hot face.
13. His motivation and dedication to school and work.
14. His obsession with sweets.
15. How he knows how to win my heart over with a large diet coke and a hot n spicy.
16. How he loves to snuggle.
17. How is always makes sure that I am happy and taken care of.
18. His confidence.
19. His love for his family, friends, and strangers.
20. How he is always the first person to ask if someone needs help.
21. His dance moves.
22. His excitement to be a father.
23. How he is always up for an adventure and a good time.
24. His desire to live the gospel.
25. His ability to make people feel welcomed and comfortable no matter who they are.

Is this not the cutest birthday boy you have ever seen??? He got a headset and controller for his Xbox, a couple's massage and money. No wonder he looks so happy!

On our way to dinner for his bday

He wanted to go to Panda Express for his bday dinner and he couldn't have been happier.

Blowing out his bday candles.


  1. Hope Jonathan Clark Anderson had a splendid day. Looks like he got spoiled this year. Especially with Panda Express...that is quite the step up from Taco Bell and Mickey D's. We love Jon!

  2. you guys look so happy :). happy birthday jonnn!!!

  3. LOVE the andys you guys are so fun.... don't you love the hours after work... they are still my fav part of the day... happy bday to jon... did you get our card???