July 27, 2010

Dixie the Beach Cruiser

Meet Dixie (doesn't she totes look like a Dixie??)

Dixie and I getting to know each other before our first bike ride

Bonding with Dix

Jon testing Dixie out


  1. I feel as tho me and Dixie would have a serious bond. I want a beach cruiser. Maybe I could name her Trixie.

  2. I love that you named her, what a beaute. I have this beach cruiser that I have been wanting for a long time its called Creamsicle. It's brown orange and cream with a brown basket, maybe I will just have to break down and buy it and we can go ride the rexburg streets to Horkleys.

  3. so you have dixie. when is jon going to get stevie (gayest name ever)?
    - scott

  4. Ash! I totes have Dixie's twin sister and love her dearly! Glad you got your beach cruiser. You won't be disappointed, she is a champ! P.S. Target has a great basket that fits perfect :). That way you and Dixie can get some serious grocery shopping done.

  5. i love dixie. what an angel, i really want a pink one...pixie maybe? but lets get real i dont know how good it would rock a baby seat.