May 4, 2010

The Humble Abode

For the past 2 weeks, we have been trying to get our little apartment set up. Its been quite the project. It is just now coming together. We bought all our furniture from IKEA and I have become OBSESSED with this store. I could spend hours and hours in it. Jon, on the other hand, wanted to slit his wrists. Our apartment is soo small, but its just perfect for right now and we got it for a steal of a deal. We still need to get all the decorations, but here is just a little preview of our humble abode SO FAR.

We live in the BASEMENT of this little home. We live below a very little man (literally 5 feet nothin). I need to get a picture with him. His name is Andy. We also have the pleasure of living around all the old people that reside in Salt Lake. You might of thought that we lived in a Retirement Center.

Jon and I in front of our very old door that barely works

Jon pointing down to our apartment. Obviously.

Pointing to our special mailbox. (Don't mind the hideous bob on the top of my head)

Our cute little kitchen w/ no dishwasher


After! (and i just realized that my bedspread is the exact same print as my blog background. Great minds think alike issers! Sillies bo billies!!)

Just loving that we are half way done with the apartment


  1. okay get serious that I just said great minds think alike to you on FB and now I am reading that you are saying that on your blog!!! GET SERIOUS!!!! YOU ARE KIDDING!!!! love the apartment.... so fun and so freaking cute
    love you two

  2. that is such a cute little apartment!! LOVE your room!!!

  3. Love the apt! Love the beddy spread and we totes think alike. Your kitch is cuties! love my isser bear.

  4. love it. love ikea... dev literally wants to kill himself everytime i wanna go... but im obsessed with Ikea.

  5. our whole apt is Ikea too. I adore it but J spent like a solid week putting it all together, what it is yo!