August 29, 2012

My BG at 16 months

This little girl makes me laugh all the time. She has such a funny little personality. Last night we had a meeting with the bishop to get our temple recommends renewed and we couldn't find anyone to babysit for us so she came with us. We all started standing up to leave and she threw her arms in the air and said, "Let's go!" She must have been really anxious to get out of there. And then she saw a picture of Jesus and said, "DaDa?" Probably because Jon has a beard almost all the time. We were dying. Here is what she is doing as of 16 months. 1. She has four teeth on top and six teeth on bottom (2 molars and 4 teeth in front) 2. She loves chicken nuggets (has to dip them in ketchup or won't eat them), yogurt, any type of fruit, peas, noodles, any type of drink, eggos, pb& js, quesadillas, potatoes, corn, goldfish, and fruit snacks. She pretty much hates all vegetables. 3. She says so many words now. She picks up a new word everyday! She knows almost all the animal sounds, if you ask her where her eyes, nose, ears, hair, teeth, fingers, tongue, toes and belly are she can point to them. 4. She's OBSESSED with DORA!!! She says Dora constantly. I think she just likes her name more than the actual show. She also loves Curious George, Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba (which I loathe). 5. She can say ball, Mama, Dada, let's go or go, Dora, please, thanks, NO, cheese, bottle, grandma, papa, shoes, choo choo (for any type of loud machine) and a few more that I can't think of right now. 6. She LOVES putting on mine or Jon's shoes. 7. She hates getting her diaper changed. I probably lose 300 calories by trying to put on her diaper. We have to shut every door so she can't escape the room. If you don't put it on fast enough she will pee all over the floor and/or bed. 8. She loves taking baths or showers. If me or Jon are in the shower and she hears you get in, she will knock on the door or scream until you let her in. 9. She hates high chairs or car seats. She thinks she's 5 years old most of the time. 10. LOVES DOGS!! She is not scared of them at all. 11. She probably has the cutest laugh and teeth you have ever seen. 12. She is so so SASSY!! 13. She loves wearing my bracelets and hats. 14. She stares at people all the time. We will be at a restaurant and she will just be staring at the strangers next to us. 15. She is very tall. 16. I love her eyebrows and her dark hair. She is the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen. And I'm so glad to be her mom!! Here she is jumping off the side of the pool. She loves the water and can swim with her floaties all by herself.
Splashing in the water and flashing everyone.
Is there really anything cuter than a little girl in a bikini? I don't think so.
Attempting to ride the scooter at Auntie Patti's.
Throwing a tantrum.
This girl loves the park/slides. She never wants any help going down but you better be cheering her on when she reaches the bottom.
Stopped on her way up to the slide to say, "CHEEEESSEEEE!!" She went all the way up this slide and rode down it all by herself. It doesn't look that tall in this pic but it was a very high slide. She's not scared of anything. Except for the bell that rings in church when class is over. She literally jumps out of her skin every time. I die laughing and so does everyone in Relief Society.
Cutest picture of the cutest people.
She was giggling up a storm on the swing. It must have been tickling her stomach a lot. Or her ears. My stomach never tickles, its always my ears. It's unique I know.
Enjoying slurpees outside together. Nothing better.
My BG for life.