June 11, 2011


is the best book I've ever read! I highly recommend it to any new mothers!! My little schnookums was having serious trouble when it came to going to bed at night. It would sometimes take her FOREVER to settle down and go to sleep and then she would wake up 2 times a night and would want to be up for like a hour and half. I literally wanted to rip my hair out. I needed some serious help. I remember my sis in law Sloan talk about this book and how her kids were great sleepers and were sleeping through night really early. I have heard this book recommended from a lot of people too, and I've never heard one bad thing about it. I thought why not give it a try. I NEEDED HELP! I told Jon as soon as he got home from school we are going to go get this book because I could not deal with it anymore. We have been doing what the book has been telling us do to for the past few days and Londyn is like a whole different baby!! She is much happier and has slept through the night for 7-8 hours for the past 2 nights!!! I love her even more now and I am actually excited to see her in the morning to feed her instead of dreading it! I'm sorry if that sounds rude, but its true! Keep it up Londy!! I LOVE YOU!!!

And here are just a few pics of her sweet face that I cannot get enough of...I could seriously kiss and bite on her cheeks all day long!

My beautiful babe on her blessing day


  1. I LOVE BABYWISE!!!! great book.... Im so happy that you are getting your sleep.... isnt it the best when you are refreshed??? LOVE it.. she is an angel.... love you all....give londy a kiss from auntie loany...

  2. She looks like you in the last picture! I need to get that book and read it big time. Excited to see you both this week.

  3. I love having londy at my house.... you should all come see her.