December 3, 2010

He is going to kill me...

So Jon is seriously going to kill me for posting this but it's so funny that I have to. I was thinking about it today and I could not stop laughing. Hilarious.

So a couple weeks ago, Jon and I were watching YouTube videos and we came across the one where a little baby is dancing to "All The Single Ladies." It's really cute and funny...see here...

And then we came across this video and I seriously could not stop laughing. I was dying. I thought this video was ten times funnier than the baby. View here....

Sooooo later that night I get in bed and I'm reading a mag or something. Jon is in the bathroom and is taking forever to brush his teeth and whatever else he is doing in there. So I yell at him asking what he is doing and why he is taking so long to come to bed. Two seconds later he comes in with just his underwear on rolled all the way up to make it look exactly like a diaper and he comes in singing "All the Single Ladies" and does the exact same dance on our dresser!! (he even did the little kick thing with his leg and the arm thing). I don't think I have ever laughed that hard in my life!!! I'm literally LOLing right now as I type this.

This is probably something I should keep between me and my spouse, but I couldn't. Please picture Jon doing this dance for a second....Hilarious. And that is the reason why I married him.


  1. i love jon! sooo funny. remember how you would always ask him to talk in his elmo voice for me and he was always skeptical that you weren't the only one on the other end of the phone? lol. good times. miss you.

  2. Hahahaha Jon you so funny. YOuz makez me gigglez.

  3. ba hahahahahaha! that is something jordan would do. being weirdie with hubs is the best!

  4. That is so hilarious! P.S. I like your new prego widget. Where did you get it? I hate the weird floating fetus that I have on my blog.

  5. Okay, I totally copied you. Way better than the weird floater.