October 25, 2010

Reallyyy Fun Stuff About Pregnancy

I have had serious cravings for McDonalds Sausage Biscuit. I know healthy right? I get so mad every Saturday morning if we've slept past 10:00 because I missed breakfast at McDonalds. This morning I woke up to snow, yes freaking snow and I was furious. So I decided to treat myself to a sausage biscuit and a large diet coke before work. And let me tell you, it has made my morning ten times better so far.

Also, I crave chips and salsa. I could eat them all day. We went to a mexican restaurant this weekend called the Red Iguana, and I consumed probably 3 baskets of chips and two bowls of salsa.

I don't crave anything sweet. All salty.

I want to take baths 24/7.

I only get sick at night.

I am 15 weeks along and I'm still sick at night. Its like clockwork. Every night around 8:00 I start feeling it. It needs to stop immediately.

I get extremely snappy and grumpy when I'm sick. I don't want anyone to touch me or talk to me. I always feel so bad for Jon. Bless his heart.

I have only thrown up once. It was at work, in my trash can. 5 times in a row. (i'm sure you all wanted to know that)

I think, crave, and dream about Port of Subs non stop. I don't think this is a pregnancy thing, but it has definitely gotten worse since I've been pregnant. It's a good thing they are opening up one here in Salt Lake, or someone might die (and that someone will most likely be Jon. Or he might kill me).

I get more zits. And they all love to reside on my chin. It's really cute.

I am more homesick. I crave my family and Las Vegas everyday. I have thought of every way possible on how we could move to Vegas. None of them work. And then I get more homesick and think my life is coming to an end. Talk about dramatic.

My sense of smell is ridiculous. I am a bloodhound. I can smell ev-er-y-thing. It drives Jon nuts. Morning breath makes me want to hurl (not like it didn't before, but its like someone stuck my nose in a porta potty). My prenatal vitamins make me gag and I make Jon open the bottle everytime or I will literally gag. The bathroom where I work has the worst smell. Its like a weird soapy smell and I hold my breath or breathe out of my mouth everytime I go in. I hate opening/closing the fridge.

Besides all that fun stuff, I really have not had a bad pregnancy at all, and I'm so excited to meet our little babe!


  1. hahaha ashton you make me laugh :)
    i can' wait to meet your little babe!!

  2. ha ha ha DRAMATIC and I love it..... you are hilarious...

  3. You are hilarious. I totally feel you on the chips and salsa and porta. . .bomb. Also, the sense of smell is the THE WORST thing ever, especially when you are already sick. I am just now getting to the point where I can breathe when I open the fridge- it is horrible. Also, plan on coming to Vegas the weekend of Nov. 13th since you are always looking for reasons to come here and I will be having my baby shower (you should get an invite soon). P.S. I look totally nast in all those pictures from Alaska, I can't wait until you get a bump. You will be the most gorgeous pregnant lady!

  4. i love the funny shower pics! and your sour patch kid. and all the cravings you have. i am not pregnant and i have had cravings like this most of my life. (i'm a kirk, so that may not surprise you) see you this weekend sometime?

  5. Hahaha this is hilarious and i will probably be 10 times more dramatic about it.

  6. Just wait till you are 30 weeks and someone tells you that you are huge [and you still have 10 weeks to go]. It feels awesome.

  7. i am so excited to be preggers. thank you for the heads up!