April 27, 2010

Best Day Ever

Jon and I were married in the Las Vegas Temple on April 17, 2010. It was the best day of my life. It could not have been a better day. We had our reception in my backyard and it was absolutely gorgeous. My parents did an amazing job. The reception was so much fun and it was so fun to see everyone. I can't believe it's already all over! It's sad! After the wedding Jon and I went on a week cruise to Mexico. It was so much fun and so relaxing. I was so excited to get home though and move into our cute little apartment. We are living in Salt Lake right now and we love it. We do wish we lived closer to family, but we love our little place! Married life seriously rocks so far! Jon is finishing up at LDSBC in the summer and then will be attending the U of U in the fall. He works for a company called ProPay and loves it. I work for an insurance company as a New Business Specialist and am so grateful to have the job I have. Well anyways, here are a few pics of the wedding! More wedding pics and honeymoon pics to come! Enjoy!


The Wedding Party

Immediate Fam

All of us are married now! WooHoo!

My BGs

Just loving each other!


  1. It looks so cute! What do you need help with? Let me know. Love ya iss.

  2. welcome to the married blogging world...I love it. You are jon are cute babies and I am sooo happy for yall. and don't worry I am STILL obsessing over your wedding dress.